Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A bread making mood

I'm in a bread making mood today

I've been making quite a lot of bread in the last while, I find it very soothing and calming. In saying that though, I don't eat a huge amount of it, I'm not really a big bread eater even when I've made my own! Thankfully my lovely boyfriend Isaac is a fan and he goes off to college every morning with 2 slices of bread in his belly from breakfast and 2 slices waiting to be eaten in sandwich form for lunch.

Here's a picture of a focaccia I made a few weeks back. It was absolutely delicious, filled with rosemary and sea salt with a generous drizzle of very good olive oil...mmm it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!

The smell of bread baking has to be one of the nicest smells you could fill your house with, I normally just make a loaf, it's easy and takes less than 2 hours from start to finish which isn't much time at all really. Today though I think I'll make rolls, do a big batch and give half to my sister and the rest for Isaac (and I) to have.

However bread making is not without it's dangers (for me anyway). Despite knowing what I'm doing I nearly always end up burning myself!! I got a pretty nasty one a couple of days back which is now bandaged up in the hopes it won't scar.

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