Friday, September 28, 2012

Holiday Souvenirs

A lot of families when they come back from a holiday abroad bring back little trinkets like fridge magnets, sombreros, t-shirts, snow globes etc. etc...

      My family bring back FOOD!!!

My dad travels around Europe (in particular Spain and Italy) a lot for his work so when he has some spare time he soaks up local culture and cuisine (one of the many great traits I have got from him) and then brings back the lovely things he's discovered.

Olive oils, fruits, vegetables, breads, cured meats, cheeses..pretty much anything you can think of my dad has managed to bring them back in his suitcase!

Recently he got me some gorgeous deep green Spanish olive oils and stunning yellow peaches! A week later he brought me back sweet Italian tomatoes, amazing pasta, Sicilian lemons and Piadine, a very traditional flat bread from Emilia Romagna.

When I go abroad I do the exact same (I've got Isaac into it too!), collecting olive oils,  jars of honey and anything else we can manage. I adore traveling, not just for seeing wonderful new places but also for learning about exciting new dishes or cuisines.


  1. I love getting dried herbs and teas, anything that reminds me of the tastes and smells of the holiday :D