Sunday, January 13, 2013

Heavenly Flapjacks

The other day I got an afternoon sweet craving and although we had lots of lovely fruit I needed something better for dunking into tea! I'm not usually a flapjack kinda person, I can't even remember the last time I had one before then but when you get a craving, sometimes it's good to give in!

Although organic oats are very good for you, flapjacks are notoriously unhealthy as they're packed full of butter and sugar. So, as I love a food challenge, I decided to make them dairy and sugar free. They actually turned out amazing. They're quick, easy and very moorish!!

For sweetness and binding I mashed up a slightly overripe banana, before adding sultanas (cranberries, dates or apricots would also be lovely), organic rolled oats, a teeny spoonful bit of sunflower oil, a squirt of agave and a little desiccated coconut. All of this was then tipped into a lined baking tray and put in a medium oven for about 20 mins or until it's turned a nice golden brown.

                             Cut while still hot and enjoy with a big cup of tea totally guilt free!

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