Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lovely Weekday Lunches

I try to take pictures of my lunches most days, I can't help it! I take snaps of nearly every meal I eat now. So I thought I'd combine 4 of my favourite lunches from this week to show you. Lunch, sadly, is my least favourite meal of the day and a boring old sandwich just won't do, so I try to make it a bit special and different everyday.

My dad came back from Italy last week and brought home some lovely piadine, said pia-dee-nay (essentially a thick flour wrap that's eaten at lunch time in northern Italy). I warmed it slightly in a dry pan, put a big fist full of rocket in the middle, 3 slices of grilled halloumi and homemade vegan pesto, wrapped it up and devoured it. Yum! I also had a lovely organic apple and a cup of coffee.

I love bruschetta, so quick to put together and for me the simpler the ingredients the better. I love the traditional, toasted bread rubbed with some garlic, fresh tomatoes, torn basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil. I also love half of an avocado sliced, a squeeze of lime, salt and olive oil. Both very simple but light and tasty.

This was a really quick soup I put together, some fresh passata, rehydrated porcini mushrooms, garlic, chilli, veggie stock and finished with a drizzle of the same homemade pesto as before. Perfect on a cold day with a big mug of tea!

 The last favourite lunch of the week may look a bit sparse but it's actually really filling. A hard boiled egg (I love a simple hard boiled egg, no salt, just plain), a sweet organic apple and some crunchy almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Poor Isaac hates when I eat hard boiled eggs, the smell brings up bad memories so I try never to have this when he's at home hehe.

If I had to pick one an all out favourite, it would have to be the piadina with halloumi, rocket and pesto. Really filling and delicious with a lovely mixture of textures and flavours. I hope you found this post interesting and maybe got a few ideas! What do you like eating for lunch during the week?

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  1. These look so gorgeous! I'm so impressed you make such a lovely lunch every day! I get terribly lazy and have the same old boring sandwiches or dinners from the day before.