Friday, July 6, 2012

Dinner at Thornton's

Wednesday night my family and I went to Thornton's Restaurant in the Fitzwilliam Hotel for my mum's birthday. My parents have been quite a few times (mainly for lunch) but as a special treat for my mum we went for dinner.

Owned by Kevin Thornton, Thornton's is one of the few Michelin Star restaurants in Dublin and the dinner we had was out of this world, despite all being stuffed none of us left a morsel of food on our plates.
All the photos from the meal were taken on an iphone so I apologise that the photos will not do the food justice.

We were served an amazing amuse-bouche which I forgot to take a picture of but I will do my best to explain it! A small glass bowl filled with slices of artichoke heart and wood smoke, topped with a stemless martini glass containing a beautiful tomato consommé with a cucumber ice cube. Wow! Just wow! I'm so sad I don't have a picture because words just cannot do it justice.

Starters:  Slowly roasted beetroot with baby leaves, served with a shot of concentrated beetroot with a teaspoon of beetroot jelly with pepper

Main Course: Celeriac cannelloni with aubergine caviar, puy lentils, and shallot red wine viaigrette.
Followed by a a palate cleansing sorbet with citron vodka. 

Dessert: Strawberry and raspberry salad with blueberries and blueberry reduction, which was accompanied by a spectacular nettle and thyme sorbet with gin.

We also had a beautiful bottle of champagne with a did not take a picture of but I'm sure you can imagine just what an incredible night we had and how much we enjoyed every plate of food we were served.

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