Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celebration Lebanese Dinner

Isaac and I celebrated being together 6 1/2 years on November 3rd!! It's mad how fast the time has gone, but I've loved every minute! We started the day with a gorgeous walk on Killiney hill with the dog in the beautiful autumnal sunshine all bundled up in coats, scarves and gloves. After a quick lunch at home with my family we headed into town to do some shopping and have a coffee with friends followed by eating out to celebrate. However we just couldn't decide on where to eat, too many choices! So we decided that a bottle of good champagne with a Lebanese feast at home prepared by the two of us would be just as good as a fancy dinner out. 

I started off by making the flatbreads as they take the longest to prepare. While the dough was left to prove, I made a gorgeous spiced aubergine, chickpea and tomato dish called maghmour, which was accompanied by Lebanese rice topped with crunchy pinenuts and caramelised onions..yum! Isaac made his delicious hummus and tabbouleh which used up the last of our much neglected parsley! When all of these were made the flatbread dough was ready to go and we made 6 beautifully crisp flatbreads perfect for scooping and dipping. 

This could have easily fed 4 people very happily however our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs, with a glass of bubbles it was a perfect celebration dinner.