Sunday, November 11, 2012

Potsticker Supper

Last night neither Isaac or I were in the mood for cooking a full dinner, we ended up having a very late lunch (around 4.30pm!!) and by 8pm neither of us were more than slightly peckish.

Earlier this week I made 40 tortellini for a dinner party to celebrate Isaac's mum's birthday using pre-made egg dumpling wrappers and had a few left over that needed using up. There was just enough for a a light dinner of potsticker dumplings stuffed with garlic, ginger, spinach, spring onion and a teeny bit leftover tofu, dipped into a chilli, soya and sesame oil sauce.

Using stock spiked with salty light soya sauce poured over the dumplings that have crisped up on the bottom and let bubble away for 3-5 mins or until the stock has all evaporate and the dumplings are hot and translucent. Delicious!

To finish we had a wonderfully light and fruity dessert. Cool natural yogurt, sweet soft mango, tart little passion fruit jewels and gorgeous perfumed lychees. Lychees can often be very disappointing (not to mention fiddly) when bought fresh, they have to travel such a distance to get here that they often have over ripened or even worse gone bad. So tinned lychees, peeled and pitted are just perfect and the syrup they come in is truly divine! As if this little heavenly bowl could get any better, a sprinkling of smashed sesame snaps added a lovely crunchy and chewy bite!

                    (How cute is my little ladybird timber peeking out from behind the breadboard?)

                         For a supper that neither of us wanted, it turned out pretty perfect!


  1. What a desert, was lovely. Pot stickers are always welcome.

  2. Mmmm potstickers! I want some now! Also we have a tin of those lychees, need to crack it open!

    1. Oh P, the juice the are in is like nectar of the gods!! Isaac had to stop me from drinking it! I think I could eat them almost every day, if they didn't require so much prep and that Isaac would demand half haha!