Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy peasy effortless dinner

The simple things in life are so often the best. Sometimes you spend hours prepping and organising a meal and in the end it only turns out ok (my Christmas dinner this year), and the meals you pull together quickly, bung in the oven and let few and simple ingredients work their magic, turn out the best!

"You hungry?"
"Yeah a bit, you?"
"Yeah, I'll have a look in the fridge and see what's there…. Ehh.. roasted tomatoes and a bit of pasta sound ok?"
"Grand so!"

In a big roasting tray I put a a load of small tomatoes halved, a large red onion cut into slivers, a bunch of garlic cloves with the papery skins left on, springs of fresh rosemary and thyme, olive oil and seasoning. Leave it in the oven for 40ish mins and 10 mins before serving drizzle over some balsamic vinegar to reduce and sweeten. The cloves of soft sweet garlic mashed on bread has to be the best part of the whole meal!

To go with this I made a very simple arrabiata sauce to dress the last of my lovely Garofalo penne lisce pasta, topped with parsley. This and a bit of griddled Italian bread and you've got the recipe for a fantastic almost effortless dinner!

Yum! x


  1. This looks amazing! do you know how long the entire process took you roughly because I am offically starving!

    1. You need to leave the veg in for about 30-40 mins at 170 C I'd say in total an hour for chopping & prep but you could do the pasta start to finish in 10 mins: grated garlic, passata, chilli, salt, pepper. x