Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good start to a Sunday

Hope you're all having a lovely relaxing start to your Sunday. The weather has turned a bit grey today it seems, none of the lovely sunshine yesterday *fingers crossed it comes back soon*.
I woke up quite early this morning, drank a big glass of water, 40mins of yoga and then sat down to watch cookery programs on tv with one of my favourite weekend breakfasts. A scone! Yey!

Today's scone (meant to be heart shaped but they always turn out a bit wonky when baked and end up looking triangular) is made with organic spelt flour, sweet sultanas, nutty ground flax seeds and goji berries. Did you know goji berries are also called wolfberries? What a cool name?!
I topped my warm scone with my all time favourite jam - Spanish peach. Amazing! And of course had to have a big cup of tea to enjoy it with it (flowery mug is optional but highly recommended).

- Side Note - Do you like my new plate? I picked up a couple of them the other day and am in love!

I'm going food shopping in a bit so I think I'll make a post on what I buy for the week. Nice to have a nose in other people's trollies don't you think? Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!