Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunny Springtime Salad

Doesn't everything seem better when the sun is out? I think so. I love salads, but too often I'm put off them by the dull Irish weather. I mean, who really wants to eat a salad when it's lashing rain outside and you have the heating on full blast? Thankfully, today is not one of those days..yey! Finally some lovely spring sunshine. So for lunch today Isaac and I had this beautiful sunny salad.

I love the colours of this salad, the green from the baby spinach and mint, dark red from the roasted pimentón peppers, orange burts from the little satsumas, soft purple from the red onion and the light char on the halloumi and pine nuts. Very simple, but all together says "spring is finally here!".


  1. Wow, looks so delicious. I love halloumi cheese, and pine nuts, and spinach...and everything in this salad actually ;)

    1. Thank you! It all fits together so nicely and it'd be so good at a BBQ, hopefully we'll get some more good weather soon so I can make it again and eat outside!