Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Weekly Shop (part 2)

Food, glorious food!! Today we did one of our "big shops", whereby we'd pretty much ran out of everything and are living on leftovers of meals thrown into the freezer and the last few non-perishables forgotten at the back of the fridge.

I split the shop into "fruit and veg" and "everything else". Being an almost entirely veggie household (Isaac will occasionally cook meat) we buy quite a lot of veg, and this wasn't all of it, we bought quite a few multiples of things that I didn't have room for on the table. I also love having lots of fruit in the house to nibble on during the day or for juices and smoothies. Lots of colour! The "everything else" mainly consists of bread/bread making ingredients and dairy, as well as other bits and bobs we have to get occasionally. I did one of these posts last year if you'd like to compare then and now. I hope you liked looking at our shop, how does it compare to yours?

Orange juice, olive oil, rapeseed oil, clementines, kale, pak choi, spinach, coriander leaves, basil leaves, garlic, apples, mango, avocado, onions, aubergine, courgettes, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, field mushrooms, spring onions, sweet potato, peppers, passion fruit, tomatoes, lemons and carrots.

Muesli, tomato passata, penne pasta, sushi rice, cous cous, Quorn pieces, mirin, whole milk yogurt, milk, mozzarella, sourdough loaf, pure sunflower, maldon sea salt, Dove's Farm Organic white bread flour and wholegrain slept flour, Royal baking powder, pistachio nuts, flaked and ground almonds, vanilla bean paste, honey, milled linseed, tahini, Kallo organic veg stock cubes, Belazu preserved lemons and free range corn fed eggs.

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