Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Green juicing!

So...I'm sick. How annoying! I started to get a hint of it on Valentine's Day (perfect timing eh!?) and it has now transformed into a fully blown head cold. To try and rid myself of whatever has gotten hold of my immune system I have been juicing and smoothie-ing it up like no ones business!

Smoothies are great for getting all the fiber out of fruits but juices make it so much easier to get in a load of green veggies that would make drinks too thick. I made massive juices yesterday and today and although I've pretty much lost my sense of taste and appetite, I think having them has really helped me keep my energy levels up and give me a boost. 

I really hope all of this will help me and that very soon I'll be back to myself. Thankfully I have today and tomorrow off so lots of sleep and water will hopefully have me back to normal. I definitely recommend juicing if you're feeling a bit run down or low on energy, all that green goodness can work miracles!


I made this gorgeously emerald juice yesterday, it has apple, orange, carrot, lemon, ginger and a load of spinach in it. As I didn't feel like eating much this really helped to fill me up and keep my energy up.

Today's juice, although not a vivid as yesterdays, pretty much contained all the same ingredients: apple, orange, lemon, carrot, ginger and spinach. I also put in a good fist-full of kale and some blueberries. Although I couldn't really taste it I know it's done some good!

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