Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday mornings

I have a little ritual for my Saturday mornings.
I wake up around half 9, have some juice or water and turn on the TV ready for 2 hours of cookery programs. I started getting in to cookery programs because of my dad (who is an amazing cook). He and I would watch them together, getting new ideas and discussing how we might prepare that dish. Even though I've moved out I love knowing that my dad and I are still sharing watching the same programs just in different houses.
Keith Floyd, Raymond Blanc, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo are some of my favourites to watch, their mix of madness and passion for their food never fail to inspire and delight me.

What I also love about Saturday mornings is that I usually switch up my regular breakfast of cereal and have something a bit more special, like spelt scones, thick slices of toast from the bread I made the day before or one of my recent guilty pleasures, pancakes with yogurt and berries reduced to compote. Yum!

Here is a creation of Isaac's, this was the last pancake we made and there wasn't enough batter to make a full round pancake but I love how it ended up looking like hair!

Saturday mornings bring me back to my childhood when dad and I would watch TV together and mum would prepare a delicious treat for breakfast.
For me it's the perfect way to start the weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Freshly baked!

Fresh bread rolls still warm from the oven...need I say more?

(and I didn't burn myself today woohoo!)

I used Odlums strong white flour, makes perfect bread every time!

A bread making mood

I'm in a bread making mood today

I've been making quite a lot of bread in the last while, I find it very soothing and calming. In saying that though, I don't eat a huge amount of it, I'm not really a big bread eater even when I've made my own! Thankfully my lovely boyfriend Isaac is a fan and he goes off to college every morning with 2 slices of bread in his belly from breakfast and 2 slices waiting to be eaten in sandwich form for lunch.

Here's a picture of a focaccia I made a few weeks back. It was absolutely delicious, filled with rosemary and sea salt with a generous drizzle of very good olive oil...mmm it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!

The smell of bread baking has to be one of the nicest smells you could fill your house with, I normally just make a loaf, it's easy and takes less than 2 hours from start to finish which isn't much time at all really. Today though I think I'll make rolls, do a big batch and give half to my sister and the rest for Isaac (and I) to have.

However bread making is not without it's dangers (for me anyway). Despite knowing what I'm doing I nearly always end up burning myself!! I got a pretty nasty one a couple of days back which is now bandaged up in the hopes it won't scar.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lunch for a sore head..

So I may or may not have slightly over indulged last night with a bit of vino bianco and may or may not have woken up feeling a bit delicate and in desperate need of something salty, spicy and a teeny bit unhealthy (not too bad really).

And despite the small haze in my brain, I knew an egg, noodles, spicy chilli paste, green beans and spring onion would save the day! I feel much more human now and ready to take on the day and get back to my usual more healthy meals.

Yum! x

Let's go back to basics...

I've neglected this poor blog for far too long *sorry blog*

This blog used be for recipes that I'd tried and tested over the years, however a part of me hated sending my recipes out into the deep waters of the internet and not knowing what would happen to them.

So I've decided to go a different route this time round. No recipes, just pretty images and my musings about the food I love to cook. The bells and whistles (*cough*) have been stripped away and what will be left will be pictures of the simple and tasty food I cook with my boyfriend Isaac in our kitchen.

I also really want to change the name of the blog, out with the old (and unimaginative!) and in with the watch out for a new title and 1st real blog post coming very soon!