Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday #3


Despite it getting warmer I'm still on a porridge oats kick, but I was away over the weekend and haven't been shopping, so the unthinkable happened (dun dun duuun) we forgot to buy milk!! Thankfully we still had yogurt in the fridge, so this morning I made some bircher muesli. I know you should leave it sit for a few hours/overnight before eating but it still tasted gorgeous. I mixed organic low fat plain yogurt with my usual oats, an organic apple chopped up into little pieces, ground cinnamon, a squidge of honey, a splash of apple juice and a teaspoon of smooth organic almond butter. Really filling and tasty. This might just replace my morning bowl of porridge now.


Having been away and definitely overindulging, I really missed my green juices. I had a really strong one today with ginger, lemon, kale, spinach, blood orange and carrot. I overdid the lemon a bit, so I had to kind of chug it back to prevent my face from turning in on itself with sourness but I definitely felt good afterwards. I also had some shop bought sushi again, I even put it on a plate today to make it feel a bit more fancy. I could barely finish all the juice I was full afterwards.


For dinner we had pasta with griddled courgette ribbons with a vegan homemade pesto. I love this dish. I like changing up what I put in my pesto, this one has basil leaves, baby spinach, almonds, olive oil, salt and pepper. It's a really easy dish to put together and so tasty.

With all my meals I had a glass of water and that's what I had today. What did you have today?